Thursday, 15 January 2009

Windows 7 Pre-Beta Shellstyle

Windows Vista Themes

Author : salvog92

Download : Click here

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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Jungle Bushes - Windows Vista Blinds

Description : Nice style with chocolate color task bar, tree view scene and circle shutdown and stand by buttons. Applications also have greate color combination including purple, golder and green.

Author : wimpyiam

Download : Click here

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Friday, 26 December 2008

Product RED Theme - Free Download

This red Vista theme is one of the most unique themes ever created. I love everything about this theme. The background, sidebar and Start Orb look so sharp in red and even the windows look spectacular. I don’t know why people tend to stay away from using the color red in their themes because it really looks great on any computer.

Are you still using Windows XP? If you are then visit our FAQ page to download our XP Theme Patcher. If you’re using Windows Vista, you don’t need the Theme Patcher.

Title: Product RED
Author: TheDarkenedPoet
Download: Vista Product RED Theme

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Monday, 22 December 2008

Install Windows Vista From USB

This is Procedure How to install Vista from USB
Before read procedure you must need this
2. USB Pendrive 4GB (Recommended 8GB)
Note:USB must Ultra Fast Speed Like Apacer 4GB Handy Steno USB Flash Drive HT203, 200X Hi-Speed USB 2.0 or Kingston DataTraveller 2.0
3. DVD of Windows Vista Installation

1. Insert DVD of Windows Vista Installation
2. Insert USB Pendrive (Must be formatted)
3. Open Command Prompt
4. Type XCOPY E:*.* /S /E /F H:
E: is Source Of Windows Vista Installation, You can change Drive Letter of DVD Drive
H: is Target Destination of Copy, is USB Pendrive. You can change of Drive letter of USB Pendrive
5. Wait Until Finished
6. After Finished Safely Remove USB
7. Set Target Computer (Not Installed OS,OS is Broken,or Upgrade)
Make Sure Motherboard Support USB Booting and Boot Priority is Set to USB Pendrive First For Example: Kingston DataTraveller 2.0
8. After Boot USB Press Enter
9. Install Now of Vista
10. Don't Enter Your Serial Number and Click Next (After Show Message Click No)
11. Select Version Of Windows Vista
12. Accept Agreement
13. Format Harddrive of C:
If C: is formatted and filesystem is NTFS you can click next
14. after finished installation run Windows Vista Upgrade SP1
15. Wait Until a Hour
16. After finished Run Crack

It Works 100%

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